Ask 2P Russia Da?
Do you think its weird when people write fan fics about you? Just wondering :-)

Well… I haven’t read any… So I Wouldn’t know what people were writing… But they are righting about me?… Hmm… I don’t think I like that idea, What if something personal gets out! Who’s been writing about me? Who? I will see to it that they NEVER write anything again!

Hey! Stealing my red eyes is totally un-awesome!! Give 'em back!!!

These are my eyes…you’ve got your own…so vhat if you’re not the only one vith red eyes…GET OVER IT!

Sestra and I vere vatching shounen ai movies earlier tonight. Vhy vere you in them, brata? ~Natalia.

Vhat?…Vhen vas I…who?…Sestra, Vhat the hell? *Is so confused*


Touch it and die….*Glares, eyeing you carefully*

What would you, like, do if it started raining pink carrots~?

Pink? vell, I’d have to collect them up, My luybov, loves pink~ It’s his favorite colour…though, i vould find it a little strange that it vas raining them…

W-What happened to us, eh? I-I thought we had something special....

I…I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to hurt you…please forgive me?
*pulls into a soft hug, whispers*
Mattvey, forgive this foolish Russian…. 

Oi, mate! Australia's really nice this time of year! Why not come and see us?

Vhy vould i come to a place that has so many deadly animals?…And vhat the hell is a drop bear?…Is it dangerous? it sounds like something out of a children’s cartoon…

Vould you love me more if I dressed up as your luybov?

Nyet, sestra….stop trying…

Vould you love me if I vere 2P, brata?

Nyet sestra….you’d still be Natalia…my sestra…not going to happen…